osborneTemple Sinai has always valued music and has made a significant contribution to the greater world of Jewish music. Over 40 years ago Ben Steinberg created “Our Musical Legacy Series” to ensure that, through our synagogue, Jewish music could be celebrated and young Jewish artists could be recognized under our roof. — Susan Wainstock

With a focus on providing musical excellence for over 40 years, Our Musical Legacy series has introduced us to diverse musical offerings from around the world and educated us in the many art forms in which music can be shared. — Lorne Bernstein

Join the Temple Sinai Band

Are you a musician looking for a Friday night gig? The Temple Sinai band welcomes instrumentalists to join our upbeat Shabbat ensemble directed by Cantor Charles Osborne. Come and celebrate the joy of music on Shabbat!

Join the Temple Sinai Ensemble Choir 

L Gitter- MG 7104-3109202128-OThe Temple Sinai Ensemble Choir continues the tradition established over 40 years ago when Ben Steinberg created “Our Musical Legacy Series” to ensure that, through Temple Sinai, Jewish music could be celebrated. The Ensemble Choir performs on 2nd Day Rosh Hashanah in one of Temple Sinai's most popular services of the year; Hallel and Yizkor services at Sukkot, Passover and Shavuot; at Temple Sinai's highly successful creative services (in partnership with the Harold Greene Jewish Theatre Company of Toronto); and at other worship services throughout the year. The Ensemble Choir also represents the Temple at community-wide zimriahs, sharing in worship with the residents at Baycrest, and other such events. In recent year the Ensemble choir has partnered in programmes with The Temple Emanu-el Choir, the Toronto Jewish Chorus, The Toronto Jewish Folk Chorus and the Upper Canada Chorale.

In the summer of 2015 the Temple Sinai Ensemble Choir was part of Kolot Toronto—The Voices of Toronto—that performed at the 26th North American Jewish Choral Festival. Thus it continued another tradition established by Ben Steinberg, ushering the next 25 years of the Choral Festival just as it had ushered in the first 25 years, performing under Maestro Steinberg at the very first North American Jewish Choral Festival.

We invite you to discover more about our choir, as well as our upcoming Sounds of Sinai musical season.

L Gitter-7D- MG 3547-2850564965-OFor more information about how to join the Band or the Ensemble Choir, please contact Hayley at 416.487.4161 or email


Sounds of Sinai 
Thank you to our donors.

Accent on Youth
This concert is made possible through a gift from the Temple Sinai Youth, Music and Choir Endowment Fund. 

Ben Steinberg Musical Legacy Award Concert
This concert is made possible through the gifts of Helen and Joseph Berman and the Darren Kendal Memorial Endowment Fund.

L Gitter- MG 7150-3109202408-ORobert & Anne Strom Memorial Concert-in-the-Round
This concert is made possible through a gift from the Robert & Anne Strom Memorial Fund.

November Concert 
This concert is made possible through a gift from the Carl Mendelsohn Family Endowment Fund.


Ben Steinberg Musical Legacy Award 

The Ben Steinberg Musical Legacy Award Concert is performed by our winner, a Jewish artist at the threshold of his/her career. The consert is made possible through the gifts of Helen and Joseph Berman and the Darren Kendal Memorial Endowment Fund.

1984—Yuval Fichman, pianist 2006—Elissa Miller-Kay, pianist
1985—Barry Shiffman, violinist 2007—Aaron Schwebel, violinist 
1986—Karen Weingort, pianist 2008—Melanie Gall, soprano and Jared Miller, pianist 
1987—Andrew Burashko, pianist 2009—Inga Filippova-Williams, soprano 
         and Alex Mirzoev, pianist
1988—Michael Rusinek, clarinetist 2010—Reprise Concert
1989—David Louie, pianist 2011—Kyra Folk-Farber
1990—Lawrence Glatt, guitarist 2012—Lily Chapnik
1991—Vadim Serebryany, pianist 2013—Lyrit Milgram
1992—Igor Gefter, cellist 2014—Beth Silver
1993—Jennifer Swartz, harpist 2015/2016Ron Cohen Mann
1994—Jonathan Swartz, violinist 2017—Shulamit Sarid, Cello
1995—Shalom Bard, clarinetist  
1996—Daniel Bolshoy, guitarist  
1997—Ilya Poletaev, pianist  
1998—Elina Kelebeev, pianist  
1999—Daniel Bard, violinist and Karen Wierzba, soprano
2000—Rebecca Gitter, violist  
2001—Sarah Silverman, pianist  
2002—Rachel Desoer, cellist  
2003—Shoshana Telner, pianist  
2004—Reprise Concert  
2005—Adam Sherkin, pianist  


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