Questions about Membership?

Rabbi Dolgin and NathanWhat does Temple Sinai membership offer?
Temple Sinai offers an excellent range of opportunities for every member to build relationships and find a special place in the Temple community. For some, that means joining in our participatory Shabbat services, which have many opportunities for lay involvement, including Torah text study brought to life in a way that is relevant for today. For others, it means finding enrichment in volunteer committees, social action initiatives or adult Jewish learning programs. Families value our excellent schools and child/youth programs, designed for kids from 18 months to high school and beyond. Family oriented services and activities make Jewish holidays and traditions accessible.

What does fair share mean?
Temple Sinai uses a fair-share model for calculating membership contributions, which takes into account each congregant’s or family’s financial resources. The objective of our model is to make joining our community manageable for each household, regardless of income level. Further, we recognize that tough economic circumstances can affect anyone. In response, Temple Sinai makes a practice of working with members through such difficulties and helping to ensure new members are not turned away from becoming a part of our community due to financial reasons.

Temple Sinai's contribution structure for 29- to 36-year-old members:
Age 26—$36
Age 27—$54 
Age 28—$72
Age 29—$180 
Age 30—$270 
Age 31—$360 
Ages 32 to 36—$540

Our family is going through some difficult financial times, can I still join Temple Sinai?
Is your family experiencing exceptional financial challenges this year? Does the membership contribution amount seem too high for your family? We don’t want the membership contribution amount to be a barrier to your membership. Please contact Rayner Conway, our executive director, at 416.487.4161. She will be pleased to discuss, confidentially, an amount that works for you and your family.

Are my contributions eligible for tax credits?
All of your contributions to Temple Sinai, including school fees, tzedakah and voluntary contributions, are eligible for a tax credit on your income tax return. The amount of credit you will receive is dependent on the amount of donations that you make in the year to all registered charities. Your tax credit could be up to 42% of the amount of your contribution depending on the total amount of all donations made during the year. Cemetery plots do not qualify.

For more information, please fill out a Membership Information Request Form, call the Temple Office at 416.487.4161 or email