Temple Sinai Social Club (65+)

Afternoon Tea

We are in the midst of planning yet another exciting year; check out all that we have to offer. If you see: “A TSSC Initiative”, you can expect a well-planned fun program. Each event is a co-operative effort of TSSC members, who have your enjoyment in mind. Do you have ideas? I invite you to come to one of our Committee meetings, experience the camaraderie — and let’s talk. — Elizabeth Spitzer, Temple Sinai Social Club Chair

Welcome to Temple Sinai Social Club! Temple Sinai Social Club was established over 20 years ago. As our name has always suggested, we are a very close and vibrant community and are proud of our long-standing tradition. We are committed to continuing dynamic, engaging and rewarding cultural learning experiences. Everyone is welcome: bring your views and suggestions and help us to evolve.

Afternoon Tea

Temple members 65+ are invited to join the Temple Sinai Social Club. Come and interact with this active group of Temple members, meet new friends, get involved and together enjoy the camaraderie and activities.

Ongoing events include:

Musical programs and concerts
Shabbat dinners and Jewish festivals
Educational speakers
Theatre and bus excursions throughout the year
Annual Closing Banquet

Temple Shabbat Dinner
Shabbat shalom and bon appetit! Let’s celebrate Shabbat together as a Temple Sinai family. There will be candles, and wine, and a traditional Shabbat meal plus great company. Following dinner there will be Shabbat services. We look forward to sharing our Shabbat with you.

Registration is necessary for each event, so before you come, please contact the Education Office at 416.487.3281 or programs@templesinai.net.