Syrian Refugee Sponsorship

The Refugee Experience

The story of our exodus from Egypt is especially meaningful this year. We are particularly aware that we were once a refugee people as the issue of refugees is among the central topics of our times. On the night of April 25th at 7.30 p.m. at Temple Sinai, as the 7th day of Passover begins, we will use drama, music, story and song to delve deeply into this challenging moment.

This special partnership with the Harold Green Jewish should be as powerful and inclusive as our Selichot evenings have become. A part of this experience will be informed by your thoughts and feelings as well.

Please take a moment to respond to this online survey, and join us that evening to hear your voice among many others!


Thank You for your support

The Housing Committee of the Syrian Refugee Initiative Committee, thanks all Temple members who have so generously donated furniture and household items for our refugee family. We also thank everyone who offered items that we are unable to take. Our cup overflows!

We have collected items to furnish an apartment for the five member family. In addition, furniture, linens, towels, dishes, glasses and every imaginable kitchen supply, including small appliances, have been stored and are waiting to go into the future home of the refugee family.

So, for now we have suspended our collection. If, when the family arrives, we find there are specific needs, we will call on our Temple family once again. However, other refugee families coming to Toronto can still use help. Donations of household items, furniture and clothing can be made at, or

Todah Rabah,
Arla Hamer and Sharon Polansky