Beer Sheva’s Reform Ramot Shalom Community

  Temple Sinai is partnered with Kehillat Ramot Shalom, Be'er Sheva, Israel,

   As part of the DOMIM-aLike project, the Israel-Diaspora relations project of the Israel Movement for Reform and

   Progressive Judaism. DOMIM– aLike  was established together with the Israel Ministry of Diaspora Affairs. It fosters

   partnerships between Reform and Progressive congregations in Israel and around the world.


 What is Ramot Shalom? Connecting with Temple Sinai  News and Views


  Getting Involved 

Temple Sinai has the opportunity to participate in the new and changing world in Be'er Sheva.

On this page, you will find updates and pictures from Ramot Shalom, visits from Be'er Sheva and new and exciting opportunities to be a part of this wonderful community. If you would like to get involved, please call Marcie at 416.487.4161 or email If you would like to contribute to the Israel Special Projects Fund, please click here.

We hope you will join us on this journey!


  The Gift of Torah 


final cover

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Temple Sinai has donated one of our Torah scrolls to our sister Reform congregation Ramot Shalom in Be’er Sheva, Israel. We are created two new Torah covers to accompany the scroll on its way.

The first cover was created by the children of our congregation to be used by Ramot Shalom at family and children’s services. The primary Torah cover was created by artist-in-residence, Temma Gentles, using a verse from the Tanakh. 


  Connecting with Kehillat Ramot Shalom  

 Ramot Shalom Gallery

Rabbi Michael Dolgin
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 abramson neil 2015 web   

Neil Abramson


Click here to read Neil Abramson Presidential speech address to Congregation Ramot Shalom in Be’er Sheva on the occasion of donating a Torah Scroll

 Singer Rhonda web   

Rhonda Singer
Immediate Past President


Click here to read Rhonda Singer's "Engaging a Community, Strengthening Connections — The Wonderful Story Behind Temple Sinai’s Partnership with Ramot Shalom, Be’er Sheva, Israel"


   What is Ramot Shalom?


 Beer Sheva’s Reform Ramot Shalom Community  Beer Sheva’s Reform Ramot Shalom Community  Beer Sheva’s Reform Ramot Shalom Community daycare 


Ramot Shalom is a newly formed, exciting and entrepreneurial Reform Community in the southern city of Be'er Sheva. It is the first of its kind in the Negev, with its members coming from near and far, to experience prayer in a pluralistic setting. Ramot Shalom was started in order to provide an alternative vision to the Jewish people living in Israel and in the Negev region: a vision of peace, dialogue, openness and acceptance.

The community is now in the stage of rapid growth. Its first service took place on Yom Kippur in 2014 with 150 people in attendance. The congregation then decided to have weekly Shabbat services and an operating community centre throughout the week. Ramot Shalom is currently seeking to develop its community in several ways. First, the community is looking to form a weekly Jewish and Arab Beit Midrash for Jewish and Muslim scholars seeking peaceful communication and discussion. It is also hoping to move into a suitable physical space, as its current location is only 60 square metres in size. Its aim is to further develop the parent-child centre and to offer more classes and to provide support for children with special needs.

Ramot Shalom has a number of major goals for 2016 including increasing community membership to 30 members, augmenting attendance at the parent-child centre, conducting a weekly children's service, providing rabbinic leadership and hiring a community director.

Visit Ramot Shalom and learn about their community:


 Beer Sheva’s Reform Ramot Shalom Community Beer Sheva’s Reform Ramot Shalom Community 

Beer Sheva’s Reform Ramot Shalom Community 


  Connecting with Temple Sinai

Beer Sheva’s Reform Ramot Shalom CommunityIn Israel where 80% of the population identifies themselves as secular Jews, Temple Sinai is building bridges in the Ramot Shalom community in Be’er Sheva and helping to strengthen the Reform Jewish identity there. Thanks to the generosity of Jeffery & Tatjana Singer and the Israel Special Projects Fund, Temple Sinai was able to start this partnership in 2012 with a new gan. This union has blossomed, and in 2014, Temple members visited Be'er Sheva and presented a cheque for additional funds during the 60th anniversary mission to Israel. And in 2016, it is still going strong!

The coordinator of the Be’er Sheva community initiative is Naomi Efrat, who is connecting secular Jews and promoting Reform Judaism in what she sees as essential to the future of Israel. Naomi is concerned about the lack of community involvement and feels that the answer lies in the Reform movement.

Naomi, who has been working toward bringing community together for over 15 years, believes that Reform Judaism is ideologically attuned to our ever-changing, fast-paced, modern society and promotes open-minded dialogue, understanding and social action.

Temple Sinai is fortunate to be able to offer a multitude of inclusive, accessible, and innovative programs to its members, which are not normally offered in Naomi’s community. She has been working to change that by connecting members there to a number of different spiritual and learning opportunities. Temple Sinai’s support has been used in a variety of new ways:

  • Creating a community Shabbat dinner for those who would normally eat alone on Friday evening.
  • Initiating lectures series for the adult community on relevant issues including the LGBTQ community and Holocaust remembrance with a Holocaust survivor.
  • Providing opportunities for families to come together through play and learn services and an expanded parent-child centre.
  • Offering activities like yoga and pilates with a meditative component that creates an understanding of Jewish tradition through experience.
  • Connecting and supporting other communities, for example initiating a conversation with a Bedouin village after a terror attack.

Temple Sinai is excited to be a part of this dynamic, evolving environment and is partnering to create a new voice in Israel through the Reform ideals that it so strongly embraces. Our support can make a tremendous difference and ensure that our traditions and culture that were created thousands of years ago will remain alive for generations to come. 


  News and Views  

 Visit from Mallory Kahn-Johnston and Martin Kamil  Visit from Mallory Kahn-Johnston and Martin Kamil  Torah presentation from left to right: Rabbi Michael Dolgin, Rhonda Singer, Mallory Kahn-Johnston and Martin Kamil Visit from Mallory Kahn-Johnston and Martin Kamil 

February, 2016

At the end of February, Temple Sinai was privileged to host two young members from our sister congregation in Be’er Sheva, Israel. Mallory Kahn-Johnston and Martin Kamil are active members of Ramot Shalom. They joined us for a weekend of music and stories and connected us to today’s experience in Be’er Sheva.

Parts of this service were recorded and can be found on our YouTube channel.


  From Rabbi Michael Dolgin  



Reform Judaism in Israel

Click here to hear Rabbi Dolgin’s recent remarks on the harassment of our movement in Israel, and support our sister congregation!